Who am I? 🤔

Bismillah, let's try to get to know me more!

I am a Muslim software engineer now 19 years old and based in Indonesia. I'm highly specialized in web development (full stack) and a bit of mobile development. Currently, I am studying informatics engineering at STT Wastukancana while working at PST as Head of Software Engineering.

Biidznillah, when working with clients, I use a variety of technologies to facilitate the development process. The technologies that I often use are PHP, both natively and with the CodeIgniter 4 framework; JavaScript using Express.js or Fastify; and TypeScript with Fastify or the AdonisJS framework. I'm most familiar with MySQL, but I've also worked with MongoDB, Firebase, and SQLite3.


I'm also interested in the Linux server configuration. Several times I wrote programs using Bash scripts, and I was quite challenged to configure the Linux server network; maybe it's still basic, but I can explore it again if needed. I have tried the web server configuration starting with httpd, apache2, nginx, and Caddy Server.

Regarding the device I'm using, I'm on Windows 11 with WSL2, which is a must for me since most of my time is spent using the CLI and, of course, Linux! I usually use Ubuntu both on my local machine and on the server I'm using.

Besides programming, I also like to read books about self-development, Islamic motivation, and so on, including stories about or the histories of pious people in the past. But you may regret that I don't like watching movies or even listening to music; at least, I only listen to nasheed (music without musical instruments).

If you want to connect with me more, I have several social media accounts, which you can check out on my contact page.

Alhamdulillah, that's enough for my introduction here.

Suluh Sulistiawan

Full-Stack Developer • 2023