About Me

Hey there, Suluh here :wave:

Hi, my name is Suluh Sulistiawan, and people who know me call me Suluh. I was born in Pemalang, Central Java, Indonesia. I have been learning programming languages since 2015. My interests revolve around website development, network system administration, game server development and so on related to codes and commands.

Basic Skills & Knowledge

Front End
Back End
Tried but rarely

TK Pertiwi Danasari

2008 — 2009

In kindergarten, I only learned for one year.

SDN 01 Danasari

2009 — 2013

In this elementary school, I have learn for four years.

SDN 03 Danasari

2013 — 2015

And I moved to this elementary school and then continued studying for two years.

SMPN 2 Pemalang

2015 — 2018

In junior high school, I have learn for three years.

SMKN 1 Pemalang

2018 — Present

Until now iam still studying at the vocational school level.